Piper’s 8 Months!

One more month until the doctor says she should be sleeping through the night! I don’t think I can wait that long though so I’ve sought the council of a sleep doula who is putting together a program for us. It seems the problem is the association with feeding and sleeping so we’ll change our bedtime routine stat.

As far as development, Piper is humming right along. We’re pretty sure she says “hi” and “mama” now, based on the context of the words. She’s also standing on her own and she’s taken one step after standing a few times. She’s such a funny character – when she wants something she grunts really loudly. She’s started drinking some water and if we give her some and she wants more – grunnnnttt. If we give her food and she wants more – grunnnnttt. The other night we had some amazing salmon, so I rubbed some between my fingers to break it apart and she was devouring it! We did the same with egg yolk and she really digs it. She’s super sleepy in the below photo, but sometimes they can’t be perfect, eh?

Piper's 8 Months

Videos Galore

Since the New Year, I’ve been a bad blogging mommy. Every time I think about sitting down and writing something exciting, other priorities take over. I took on a new role at my company, causing me to have to go back to five days a week at the office. I do miss my one day at home, but I’m grateful to have had it for at least a little while. 

For New Year’s, the three of us plus Max rented a house on Lake Wenatchee. We spent three nights and it was amazing. We went in to Leavenworth, went on a fun (and steep) snowshoe and generally enjoyed relaxing in a house with no cable, no wifi and no cell reception. It was magical.

Then we came back to the grind. We’ve just been working away and Ellie’s been growing growing growing and doing so many fun new things. She’s walking a ton now, clapping her hands all the time and waving. The clapping and waving she’s doing when we tell her to; it’s really incredible to see her develop and see her connecting new dots. She’s also been very talkative and I’m certain she’s saying words. Yesterday at her cousin’s birthday she saw Brian outside and I said “Dad” and she said it back.  

We did go through a bout of sickness, which has been going around. Last Saturday at 2:30 in the morning (of course), Ellie woke up throwing up. Why is it that babies always get sick on the weekend in the middle of the night? It’s never the middle of the day during the week when you could take them to the doctor if needed. The illness lasted for about 2 days and then she was back to eating and drinking normally. 

Since then she’s been quite fussy, clingy and a little snotty; I’m certain she’s got another tooth coming in. I can’t wait for that to happen so she’s not it pain any more.

Here are some fun videos of all the exciting action from the last month or so.

She was cracking up at Max and every time I said “dog”:


Showing off her mad clapping skills:


We went to the Children’s Museum and caught her walking away from the fish tank:


Ellie doesn’t want Brian or I to feed her lately and she’s gotten the coordination down to eat herself:


Sharing some beautiful music:

First step

There’s so much going on and time is flying by so quickly I feel like I cannot update this blog fast enough! First things first, Ellie took her first official step yesterday. She’s been standing up and letting go for a few days now, but a lot of times if you’re close to her she’ll just lean forward to fall on you. Why stand when you can snuggle, right?

Yesterday when we were at Nanna and Papa’s (also known as Terry and Molly Thompson), I stood Ellie up while I was sitting on the ground next to her with a bit too much distance for her to just fall on me. She had to take one little step to get to the point where she could fall on me and she did it! I was so excited and I just wanted her to do it over and over again. She was not there to impress though. Once her mission was accomplished and snuggle was achieved, she called it a day.

In other news, we’ve gotten quite a few compliments on Ellie’s new super warm jacket and I have one word for everyone: Costco. Honestly, it’s the place to go for these things. It’s a super cute bright pink down jacket with removable hood and faux fur lining for $20. I mean, who can’t use a little faux fur in their wardrobe? It’s a staple for every nine month old as far as I’m concerned.

Here are a few recent pics of the Ellie Belly.

As soon as we put them on her head, she wants to rip them off!

As soon as we put them on her head, she wants to rip them off!

What better gift could there be?

What better gift could there be?

Ellie's first experience with Santa - and a perfect one at that.

Ellie’s first experience with Santa – and a perfect one at that.

This is her favorite face lately.

This is her favorite face lately.

Hanging out in my PJ's

Hanging out in my PJ’s

Traveling with mom and dad to Whidbey Island for lunch

Traveling with mom and dad to Whidbey Island for lunch

I'm swimming it in, but isn't it cute?

I’m swimming it in, but isn’t it cute?

So much fun with Uncle Sean on Thanksgiving

So much fun with Uncle Sean on Thanksgiving