Piper’s 9 Months

This post is actually a week or so late unfortunately, but with good cause. Last Thursday we trekked over to Cle Elem for the Heras/Parris wedding, came back Sunday and then Sunday night I flew out to London for work. I got back on Friday, so things have been a little crazy busy. As a sidenote, traveling for that long internationally when you’re still nursing is quite the experience. I packed a ton of pump parts and a scrub brush, but it’s not particularly easy to execute pumping and cleaning in a foreign land. Then when I got to security, TSA at Heathrow told me I couldn’t bring my breast milk on the plane with me since my baby was not with me. This was the 4th time I’ve traveled since going back to work and I’ve never been told that. Additionally, I had done my research and there is nothing on the TSA website that lists that as a requirement. Lastly, why would I have a ton of breast milk if my baby were with me? It just seemed crazy, but not having worked through this rationale in my head at the time I was just upset because I didn’t want to lose my milk. I ended up being able to check it all, so it all worked out in the end, thank goodness!

I made it back from London in one piece and one of the first things I asked Brian when I got home was if Piper had a tooth yet. I could feel swelling and nubs in her mouth right before I left, but Brian said no. I stuck my finger in her mouth to feel around and sure enough she did have a tooth! Here are some of the other notable developmental milestones Piper has hit:

  • She walking quite a bit now for pretty long distances at a time
  • She eats pretty much everything we do, but we put everything she eats in a chopper
  • We think she’s said four words other than “abba” – “mama, dada, hi & Ellie”
  • She loves to play peek-a-boo
  • She loves to clap
  • She loves to wave

9 Month Report 9 Month Scale

At her 9-month checkup the doctor was optimistic about Piper. There wasn’t really anything of concern. They poked her foot to get a blood sample to test her iron levels and everything was right where it should be. The only thing that’s challenging for us right now is still the sleep thing (more to come in another post about sleep advice from our sleep doula) and the fact that Piper’s a total busy body wiggle worm. It’s incredibly difficult to change her diaper or change her clothes because she’s just moving about all the time. As you can see from her nine month pic where her headband is around her neck, the girl plays with everything…

Piper's 9 Months!


First step

There’s so much going on and time is flying by so quickly I feel like I cannot update this blog fast enough! First things first, Ellie took her first official step yesterday. She’s been standing up and letting go for a few days now, but a lot of times if you’re close to her she’ll just lean forward to fall on you. Why stand when you can snuggle, right?

Yesterday when we were at Nanna and Papa’s (also known as Terry and Molly Thompson), I stood Ellie up while I was sitting on the ground next to her with a bit too much distance for her to just fall on me. She had to take one little step to get to the point where she could fall on me and she did it! I was so excited and I just wanted her to do it over and over again. She was not there to impress though. Once her mission was accomplished and snuggle was achieved, she called it a day.

In other news, we’ve gotten quite a few compliments on Ellie’s new super warm jacket and I have one word for everyone: Costco. Honestly, it’s the place to go for these things. It’s a super cute bright pink down jacket with removable hood and faux fur lining for $20. I mean, who can’t use a little faux fur in their wardrobe? It’s a staple for every nine month old as far as I’m concerned.

Here are a few recent pics of the Ellie Belly.

As soon as we put them on her head, she wants to rip them off!

As soon as we put them on her head, she wants to rip them off!

What better gift could there be?

What better gift could there be?

Ellie's first experience with Santa - and a perfect one at that.

Ellie’s first experience with Santa – and a perfect one at that.

This is her favorite face lately.

This is her favorite face lately.

Hanging out in my PJ's

Hanging out in my PJ’s

Traveling with mom and dad to Whidbey Island for lunch

Traveling with mom and dad to Whidbey Island for lunch

I'm swimming it in, but isn't it cute?

I’m swimming it in, but isn’t it cute?

So much fun with Uncle Sean on Thanksgiving

So much fun with Uncle Sean on Thanksgiving

On the Move

Ellie boom has been on the move now for awhile and has started pulling herself up on things. Once she stands up, she gets a very confused look on her face because she’s not sure what to do.  It’s so exciting to see the wheels turn inside her head and crazy to know that she’s taking in every single little thing we do.

Ellie has been sick this week and I’m sick as well.  Thankfully Ellie hasn’t been as sick as me! I read online that breast milk commonly has antibodies specific to a mom’s illness and it helps prevent baby from getting as sick as mom.  Fascinating stuff! I was fortunate enough to get a nap in today while Brian took Ellie out for a little walk and to run an errand or two. When they got back we set up the new baby fence and Ellie could just play and play in the living room with all her toys. She pulled herself up on the fence; I had to hold the fence in order for her to accomplish this, but it was all her.

We’re heading to Hawaii on Wednesday and I think it could not come soon enough for Brian and I.  It will be interesting to see how Ellie fares on the plane – any tips anyone has are very welcome!

Here’s a video of Ellie standing recently:

We also started swim lessons last week and Ellie is NOT a fan of the water. Hopefully by the end of the session, she’ll be a little more excited to take a dip.