Mother’s Tea, Round Two

Piper had her Mother’s Tea last Friday, a few days after Ellie. It’s quite a different format in the toddler classroom than the primary classroom. The kids helped the teachers make cookies with jam in them and they squeezed the lemons for the lemon tea. We sat on their tiny little stools and had tea with them, played outside in the water trough, did some work and then did circle time. The kids made us these adorable keychains with their pictures in them, which I hung in my car.


The kids do this little dance individually after circle time before they go outside:

Mother’s Day 2014

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and although it was not my first Mother’s Day, it was my first Mother’s Day as Piper’s mom and my first Mother’s Day as a mom of two dumplings.  The girl’s teacher had them make me the sweetest little gifts: hands and feet stamped on paper and framed. I made a reservation at Salty’s for brunch at 9:45 for us and my Mom and Grandy quite some time ago. It’s a bit of a Mother’s Day tradition and we beat the crowds, so it wasn’t madness and chaos.

Salty's on Redondo is a Mother's Day Tradition

Salty’s on Redondo is a Mother’s Day Tradition

Ellie played on the beach afterward with Grandy and Tutu to her heart’s content. She got her dress soaking wet in the waves, but it was definitely worth it. Piper fell asleep easily to the sound of the waves on the beach. I was extremely happy because I managed to not stuff myself to the gills by focusing on Dungeness crab, lox and clams. I did treat myself to a little cheese blintz though…who can resist?

She probably did this over ten times - a good workout for Grandy and Tutu

She probably did this over ten times – a good workout for Grandy and Tutu

We got home, the girls took a nap and I got a 20 minute cat nap. This was quite a treat considering my red eye flight to Toronto last Wednesday night, two days full of meetings and then flying back on Friday night. I’m pretty sure I’m still tired from that trip, but it’s really difficult to differentiate between work trip tired and mom of two tired.

After naps, Brian loaded up the car and we headed to a park down the street for a little picnic. It was such a pleasant afternoon. We laid in the sun (Ellie slathered in sunscreen, Piper in her sun tent), and nibbled on cheese, salami and crackers, chocolate covered bananas and strawberries. It was so much fun to just play at the park. The best part though was going down the spiral slide. I haven’t really gone on a slide for quite some time and the first time I went down I screamed with excitement – perhaps the Margarita Brian packed in our picnic had a little to do with that well??? Regardless, it was a lot of fun.

Piper loved playing in the sun tent, but mostly loved trying to stand up the whole time.

Piper loved playing in the sun tent, but mostly loved trying to stand up the whole time.

I’ve always enjoyed Mother’s Day. Growing up, I saw my Mom work so hard – literally all the time in one way or another – and when Mother’s Day came there was never any deserved perspective. I never really got the sense that my mom thought it was her day. I think she just appreciated that it was a holiday to instill gratitude, a valuable quality. The fact that it was for her was irrelevant I think. I’m starting to really understand that now that I’m a Mum. I think frequently about all the other moms out there, all the moms and all the women. A mom is big part of who we are, but it’s not the only part. I am a very lucky mom really. I am fortunate to have a husband, who frankly puts up with a bit of emotion here and there from me. I am fortunate to have two very healthy happy girls. I am fortunate to have an amazing Mom as a role model in my life.  There are lots of Mom’s out there who may not be so fortunate but we are all fortunate for the amazing little spirits we brought into this world or take care of in this world on a daily basis. And to me, that is what being a Mom is all about.

Happy Mother’s Day

Today was nice – breakfast by the hubs, long hike in the morning, Mexican food for lunch, nap when we got home, dinner by the hubs.


The greatest thing about the day was that it was relatively easy. The hike was challenging yes, but Brian took on all of the cleaning and most of the tending to Ellie. I just got to be with them, relax and enjoy the day. 


As a mom, I find myself frequently thinking about how grateful I am to have the family I do. I know I’m very lucky to have such a supportive husband and such a happy healthy daughter. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard sometimes and I definitely have my moments of thinking about the difficulties. I’ve always told people being a mom is actually the toughest job in the world. I’ve never done anything so hard – and impactful. 

Today I found myself thinking a lot about other moms though, moms who haven’t been as lucky. The single moms out there especially deserve an amazing Mother’s Day. These amazing ladies never get a break. They can’t just ask someone else to change the diaper 50% of the times throughout the day. I hope many of them get help from their families and friends, but at the end of the day, I’m certain their job as a mom is much more difficult than mine.

I’ve also seen many moms lately with kids who were likely born with disabilities or health problems. I think about what it would be like to be in their shoes and I conclude with the thought that there is no way I could imagine what it’s like. I just know it must take a lot of courage, time, and compassion and I respect those moms enormously. 

The other group of moms I’ve been thinking a lot about are those who are “alternative” moms, those who can’t have children of their own. I think about the incredible rolls many of them will play in the lives of children who are less fortunate or of animals who have never had a home filled with love. 

At the end of the day, the thing that bonds all of us moms is the love in our hearts and the fact that we have challenges every day and blessings every day. It’s a group I’m honored to be a part of and grateful for every day, especially today.

ImageEllie hanging out with the cousins yesterday.


Showing her curiosity – climbing in and out of things is her favorite pastime.