Big Weekend

Those of you on Facebook may be aware that we moved back in to our Greenlake house this weekend.  We’re still unpacking a lot of boxes and getting rid of a lot of things, which is wonderful.  We’ll be throwing a house re-warming party sometime in the near future to celebrate.

The other big thing that is actually bigger in my mind is that when Brian went into Ellie’s room this morning when she woke up she was on her belly!  She has been turning from her back to her front all day long and is so excited she could hardly sleep all day.  We’re hoping that doesn’t lead to a long night – crossing the fingers!  Here’s a video of her big moves:

The Last Two Weeks

We just got done with another spurt of craziness: getting the house on the market and nanny interviews are the main 2 endeavors.  Also not in the video, we just spent a couple of days on the Washington coast and LOVED the cute hotel we stayed at, The Adrift.  We also fell in love with Astoria and I will post soon about the book I found there.  Here’s the quick video with Ellie and I: