8 Months Old

Ellie turned eight months old a couple of days ago, so now she’s practically able to fend for herself. We like to put her down for bed and then go out and hit the town all night long. She barely notices we’re gone.

Okay, so that may be far from it, but it is amazing how far she’s come in eight little months. It’s been incredible to watch her go from laying around to rolling to rocking to crawling to standing.  It’s just starting to set in that she’s going to continue to amaze us for a long time. Today she was sitting on the rug in the living room and I sat next to her and rolled a ball over to her. She rolled it back to me and we went back and forth at least ten times. It really just blew my mind!

It’s not only been a big evolution for her, but huge for Brian and I in our relationship. Communication has been different and neither of us ever really feel like we get a moment to catch a breath, but we both know we couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few pics of Elle-Belle from the last week.


On the Move

Ellie boom has been on the move now for awhile and has started pulling herself up on things. Once she stands up, she gets a very confused look on her face because she’s not sure what to do.  It’s so exciting to see the wheels turn inside her head and crazy to know that she’s taking in every single little thing we do.

Ellie has been sick this week and I’m sick as well.  Thankfully Ellie hasn’t been as sick as me! I read online that breast milk commonly has antibodies specific to a mom’s illness and it helps prevent baby from getting as sick as mom.  Fascinating stuff! I was fortunate enough to get a nap in today while Brian took Ellie out for a little walk and to run an errand or two. When they got back we set up the new baby fence and Ellie could just play and play in the living room with all her toys. She pulled herself up on the fence; I had to hold the fence in order for her to accomplish this, but it was all her.

We’re heading to Hawaii on Wednesday and I think it could not come soon enough for Brian and I.  It will be interesting to see how Ellie fares on the plane – any tips anyone has are very welcome!

Here’s a video of Ellie standing recently:

We also started swim lessons last week and Ellie is NOT a fan of the water. Hopefully by the end of the session, she’ll be a little more excited to take a dip.

Time Flying

Now time is really starting to fly by. Every day it seems like Ellie is doing something more exciting than the last and I just can’t believe how much she is really growing up. She’s definitely crawling now and she is very interested in standing all the time. She’s working really hard on the balance things and getting better every day.  We had an awesome Labor Day weekend and really most weekends should be three days in my opinion.  We work way too much in this country!

For Labor Day weekend we celebrated cousin Addie’s second birthday, where I snapped the pic below. Then we went on a hike with the fam up Rattlesnake Ridge. It was extremely crowded, but more on the way down than the way up, which was nice. There’s a video and photo (from the top) below. It was pretty funny to pull over on the path to breastfeed her! You gotta do what you gotta do though.  Speaking of eating, this child is eating like a champ! After trying so hard to find a quality selection of organic baby food, I did what I usually do and turned to Amazon – hello?!?!? I ordered apples, sweet potatoes and string bean and sweet pea Sprout Organic Baby Food.

I also think Ellie might be teething, as she’s been salivating incredibly and wants to gnaw on everything.  We tried something fun today, which was to put frozen blueberries in these mesh food feeders and she loves it – gnaws and gnaws until there’s hardly anything left!



Moves Like Ellie

Ellie has been wanting to crawl for the past few weeks now and we’re so excited for her.  She’s been doing the hands and knees rocking thing, but she gets very frustrated when she tries to go forward and her hands and knees don’t cooperate.  Last night when she was on her play pad she face-planted a couple of times, which she got upset about, but we talked to her about picking yourself up after falling and she got back up and dusted herself off:)  Here are a few visuals of her fun new moving endeavors.