Piper’s One Month Birthday

Piper turned one month old last week, which is always a big milestone for parents. With Ellie one month seemed like an eternity, but this time we’re trying to get things to slow down. I just love Piper’s little size and her cute little quirks. I’m really enjoying her infant-hood and I don’t mind if it lasts awhile longer! Piper is quite the strong little squirt. I can tell she’s already trying to roll over and climb up me when I hold her. At her one month checkup she had great growth. She weighed in at 8 pounds 15 ounces:


We’re also doing the traditional monthly photos, which we didn’t do the first time around. Here is the one month photo:ImageIn other news, Ellie’s new favorite thing to say is “all the pretty lights, Mommy!” whenever we drive by a business or a house with Christmas lights on. I just love it so much. Every time that little peanut speaks (which is very frequently these days) it just melts my heart. It’s so nice to be off for the holidays and to be able to really savor these moments! Here is a video of Ellie practicing her ABC’s:

Six Months

It’s Ellie’s six month birthday today! Everyone says it’s so crazy how fast time flies, but I feel like our little Ellie Bean has been with us forever, so knowing she’s six months old is both amazing but also surprising that she’s only been on Earth for six months.

We went to the doctor yesterday for her six month checkup, where I snapped the pic below. I think she’ll kill me for that when she’s older.  Doc said she’s very strong and very healthy. We talked about sleep, food and baby-proofing the house, something we’ll have to think about getting done this weekend.  Ellie’s in the 50th percentile for head circumference, the 60th percentile for weight and the 85th percentile for height.  We also had a wonderful nurse do her shot and Ellie didn’t cry at all.  I couldn’t really understand the nurse that well, but she made funny faces and noises, which I think were distracting for little LuLu.

Our next big adventure: first plane ride on September 19 – we’re going to Maui! We’re all very excited, especially Ellie, who can’t wait to sport her adorable swim suits!


Fun Times

So much new stuff has happened and we haven’t really had a chance to sit down and share it with everyone yet.  Ellie had her two month birthday and her two month checkup.  She was in the 50th percentile for head measurement and weight and in the 90th percentile for weight!  She had to get her vaccine’s, which she was not especially happy about, but overall I think she was a major trooper.

We also took our first family sleepover outing last weekend to Sol Duc Hot Springs with Tutu (Grandma Kim) and Grandy.  Ellie again was a total trooper and Brian and I were able to get away for a nice hour and a half massage, which was heavenly.  It was so great to get into nature where there were no TV’s and our cell phones didn’t work.  It was refreshing, reviving and awakening.  We definitely are looking forward to getting back there soon.  Below are some fun photos.  Here is a funny video we took while in Poulsbo grabbing some lunch.  Grandy gave Ellie a foot massage, which you can tell she thoroughly enjoyed:

Ellie and I have been going to Gymboree now with Molly and Archie and she has such a great time.  While most of the kids are enamored with the puppets, bubbles and parachute, Ellie tends to enjoy staring at all the people and babies and likes to chat up a storm with them.  It’s a lot of fun and I think it’s great for her interpersonal skill development.  Ellie has never really enjoyed her swing, but we keep trying every now and then and today she seemed to really enjoy it.  Here is a video (be careful not to get hypnotized):