Photos of the Girls

The girls’ former teacher Ruoyun reached out to see if any families were interested in getting a free photoshoot with a photographer who wanted to expand her portfolio. I couldn’t help but take her up on it and I am so glad I did. Here is a link to the photographer’s Facebook page and below are the images – some are edited and some are raw.

IMG_3852 副本IMG_3868 副本IMG_3874 副本IMG_3911 副本IMG_3950 副本IMG_3978 副本IMG_3980 副本IMG_4029 副本IMG_4164 副本IMG_4182 副本IMG_4187 副本IMG_4201 副本IMG_4232 副本IMG_4264 副本IMG_4290 副本tractorsmileypipesmonkeyonhead

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