School Progress Reports

Two months ago I started this post after I received the girls’ progress reports from school. I never finished it and this summer was so busy, I’ve been away from writing for awhile. I wanted to be sure to document it though, mostly for the girls when they’re older, so here goes:

The girls just finished their school year, which makes me chuckle a little because I’m still not used to the concept of kids that young going to school. When I go and see what they learn though and what they spend their time doing, I absolutely do believe it should be called a school, not just a daycare.

At the end of the school year, the teachers do progress reports and believe it or not they are quite extensive. I don’t expect everyone to read these, but I’m putting them here so the girls can see them when they get older. Piper seems to have mastered the outdoors and Ellie mastered the days of the week. School starts again in a week and I’m excited to see their next set to see how it compares. Piper’s is a mere 4 pages, while Ellie’s primary¬†classroom has 7 pages of evaluation!

Elle 2015-08-23 20.38.37 Elle 2015-08-23 20.39.20 Elle 2015-08-23 20.39.51 Elle 2015-08-23 20.40.25 Elle 2015-08-23 20.40.42 Elle 2015-08-23 20.40.56 Ellie 2015-08-23 20.38.59 Piper 2015-08-23 20.43.40 Piper 2015-08-23 20.43.53 Piper 2015-08-23 20.44.06 Piper 2015-08-23 20.44.16