Piper’s Walking!

For the past week or two, I’ve been hesitant to confirm it for sure, but I’m confident now that Piper is walking. It’s been challenging to get the evidence on video, as her walks normally last about 5 seconds, but I did manage to get a few steps a few days ago.


With Ellie we never really baby-proofed too much. We did the usual outlet plugs and a few cabinet clips, but nothing major. With Piper, we’re pretty sure the house needs to be totally retrofitted! This little lady loves to get into everything and now that she’s on the move she’s exploring to her hearts content. Yesterday she got out parts to our mandoline, which Brian discovered after several minutes. We’re lucky she didn’t slice anything on her cute little self – parent fail. Cabinet Clips – here we come!

One thought on “Piper’s Walking!

  1. Where does the time go? You have two of the happiest little girls that I have ever seen. I really enjoy the pictures you and and the updates.


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