Thompson Family Photos

I feel like this is the year of pictures. The Thompson family has been discussing getting the entire family together for photos for years and this year, with one quarter of the group packing up and heading to Arizona for sun and opportunity, we finally made it become a reality. Danie (adult, short brown hair) arranged everything and we made our way to Terry’s, aka Papa’s favorite stomping ground, Discovery Park in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. I couldn’t be more excited about how they turned out and I’m so excited to hang them in our home.

Whole Family


All the kids


Chad's Fam

Piper and Dad

Piper and Mom

Brian and Lacie

Brian and Lacie

Brian's Fam

Merry go-'round


Girl Cousins



Running Wild

Piper standing

Piggy Back


Sophia & Taylor



Whole Family

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