Piper’s Walking!

For the past week or two, I’ve been hesitant to confirm it for sure, but I’m confident now that Piper is walking. It’s been challenging to get the evidence on video, as her walks normally last about 5 seconds, but I did manage to get a few steps a few days ago.


With Ellie we never really baby-proofed too much. We did the usual outlet plugs and a few cabinet clips, but nothing major. With Piper, we’re pretty sure the house needs to be totally retrofitted! This little lady loves to get into everything and now that she’s on the move she’s exploring to her hearts content. Yesterday she got out parts to our mandoline, which Brian discovered after several minutes. We’re lucky she didn’t slice anything on her cute little self – parent fail. Cabinet Clips – here we come!

Thompson Family Photos

I feel like this is the year of pictures. The Thompson family has been discussing getting the entire family together for photos for years and this year, with one quarter of the group packing up and heading to Arizona for sun and opportunity, we finally made it become a reality. Danie (adult, short brown hair) arranged everything and we made our way to Terry’s, aka Papa’s favorite stomping ground, Discovery Park in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. I couldn’t be more excited about how they turned out and I’m so excited to hang them in our home.

Whole Family


All the kids


Chad's Fam

Piper and Dad

Piper and Mom

Brian and Lacie

Brian and Lacie

Brian's Fam

Merry go-'round


Girl Cousins



Running Wild

Piper standing

Piggy Back


Sophia & Taylor



Whole Family

Happy Birthday America

This may have been the first year we didn’t go anywhere for the Fourth of July. We’re usually busy running around from place to place to see family and friends, but this year we just wanted to take it easy and hang at our home. Our neighbors across the lake from us had a loot of fireworks, so it seemed like we weren’t missing out and we could have some good old fashioned fun. The fireworks were pretty spectacular and the evidence now lives on our deck.

We had a few friends over, barbecued some ribs, drank some beer and had a campfire and made s’mores. It doesn’t get any more American than that. We got a couple of pictures of the babes – all girls – but it does take a miracle to get a good pic of a 3 month old, 8 month old and two 2 year olds. A miracle did not occur, but here’s the result nonetheless along with one of our two munchkins.

Dressed patriotically and giving hugs and smiles.

Dressed patriotically and giving hugs and smiles.

Cute girls who also can't really sit still for a photo.

Cute girls who also can’t really sit still for a photo.

Piper’s 8 Months!

One more month until the doctor says she should be sleeping through the night! I don’t think I can wait that long though so I’ve sought the council of a sleep doula who is putting together a program for us. It seems the problem is the association with feeding and sleeping so we’ll change our bedtime routine stat.

As far as development, Piper is humming right along. We’re pretty sure she says “hi” and “mama” now, based on the context of the words. She’s also standing on her own and she’s taken one step after standing a few times. She’s such a funny character – when she wants something she grunts really loudly. She’s started drinking some water and if we give her some and she wants more – grunnnnttt. If we give her food and she wants more – grunnnnttt. The other night we had some amazing salmon, so I rubbed some between my fingers to break it apart and she was devouring it! We did the same with egg yolk and she really digs it. She’s super sleepy in the below photo, but sometimes they can’t be perfect, eh?

Piper's 8 Months