Brilliant Toddler Quotes

Having a toddler definitely makes me realize what human beings would be like without social norms and evolution. They are so super adorable all the time, even when they’re being defiant. But mostly they’re really fricking hilarious. Below are some of our favorite comments from Ellie lately. Do not read if you’re not okay with non-PC comments.

I’m in the shower shaving my legs. Ellie is watching me – because that’s what little kids do and she says: “Mommy are you shaving your legs?” I said “Yes, I am Ellie.” She then says “Mommy are you shaving your butt?” For the record, I was not.

We got to our hotel room on vacation and Ellie was standing on the luggage cart. She says “I want pushes.” Brian looked at her, concerned about her bossiness and said “I want smooches” and gives her a little pucker. Without skipping a beat she says “they’re all gone!”

Ellie sat down on the toilet with Brian in the bathroom. The second she sits down she says “I went little poo poo.” Then Brian says she makes a face like she’s in pain and he says “Ellie you don’t have to push like that.” She continues to strain and after she’s done straining she looks in the toilet and exclaims “it’s an alligator poo poo!”

Ellie has a figurine of Cinderella, which she picks up and says “Mommy I’m going to put Cinderella’s butt in my mouth,” and she proceeds to do so.

A lot of what comes out of Ellie’s mouth these days that’s comical has to do with potty or pee pee’s, but there’s also a lot she says that makes me so incredibly proud. It’s amazing to see her brain develop at such a rapid rate. A lot of times her brilliance comes out when we’re sitting in the car on the way to or from school, I think likely because she doesn’t have much else to do. She’ll sing songs; her faves are “Twinkle Twinkle,” “The Wheels on the Bus” (or as Ellie likes to say, “The Wipers on the Bus”), “Ring Around the Rosie,” “Rain, Rain, Go Away,” “Mr. Golden Sun,” & “Happy Birthday.” She likes to say her ABC’s and she likes to say over and over again “Butterfly, Butterfly, landed HERE.”

Tonight when I was reading one of her books, A Very Busy Spider, she started saying everything that was on the pages. It was just so neat to really see that she is a major sponge right now.

“‘Moo Moo’, said the cow, ‘want to eat some grass?'”

It’s so funny to think about the definition of brilliance and I think about it a lot when I see our babies developing. I think every parent has these same moments – where they see such brilliance in their children. Wouldn’t it be an interesting world if we all saw brilliance in each other?

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