Going Back to Work Blues

I’m getting ready to go back to work next week and as most Moms can understand, I’ve got the going back to work blues. It’s not that I don’t love my job or the company I work for; I just don’t want to leave my little P-nut. I had the same feeling when I went back to work with Ellie. At the end of the day, not only do I not want to leave my girls, I’m worried the house is going to fall apart and my already incredibly busy schedule is just going to get worse. As I deal with the agony of going back to work, I’m reminded of a wonderful blog post I read a few months ago.

I love that she talks about Mom guilt and how no matter whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, you have mom guilt about your decision. Somehow it makes me feel a little more connected and supported to read that moms everywhere have this feeling, whether they go back to work or stay at home. 

This is my absolute favorite part of this blog post and I can relate to it so much. Maybe I should stop kicking my own ass, eh?

“Mommy Guilt is like that scene from “Liar Liar” in which Jim Carrey enters a bathroom, throws himself against the walls, slams his head into the toilet, and rubs soap into his eyes. When a confused observer asks what on Earth he’s doing he says, ‘I WAS KICKIN’ MY ASS! DO YA MIND?'”

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