La Musica

While the music Ellie plays is typically on her Leap Frog music table, this week was a bit of an exception. On Halloween, we went trick or treating with Ryan, Jenna and Arabella at the park and then went and hung at their house for a bit while the babes played and played some tunes. Here is a clip of Elle and Ara in their costumes rocking out.

This weekend we got to catch up on a bunch of things around the house and generally just relax, which is something we’ve really been looking forward to. On Friday, Brian and I were able to go out on a date night while my mom manned the monitor and tended to her when she woke. It was nice just to hit up a local restaurant that we used to frequent pre-Ellie.  Saturday we packed up the car and headed down to the Doman residence where we were planning on leaving Ellie while we went to my friend Rachel’s 30th birthday party. For some reason Ellie didn’t want to go to bed until after 8:30, so by the time she finally went down, it was too late for us to head out. We just relaxed and watched SNL while having some wine, which was also fantastic. This morning when we got up, we thought it would be fun for Ellie to have at it in the music room. Here is four minutes of Ellie’s show-stopping performance!

I also caught some cool pics this weekend and of course Instagramm’d them up.

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