Pull Ups

Ellie’s been standing up for a few weeks now, but last night it got to a whole new level. We had our little baby gate set up and she pulled herself up to standing position on it and then reached up to the top and pulled herself up to her tippy toes. Brian and I just looked at each other with huge eyes and we were both like “did she just do that?!?!” I also have to elaborate on this baby gate for Brian’s sake. We were really against getting the baby gate, but we have to admit it’s been a huge help. We have a sectional that’s shaped like a “7” for lack of a better letter or number. We got the baby gate and set it up to connect the two ends so that Max (our lab/german shepherd) stays out while Ellie’s playing and she has no way to hurt herself.  I will have to get a picture of the setup soon for everyone, but it is pretty wonderful.

Here is a video of Ellie pulling herself up – and then eventually falling herself down.

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