Six Months

It’s Ellie’s six month birthday today! Everyone says it’s so crazy how fast time flies, but I feel like our little Ellie Bean has been with us forever, so knowing she’s six months old is both amazing but also surprising that she’s only been on Earth for six months.

We went to the doctor yesterday for her six month checkup, where I snapped the pic below. I think she’ll kill me for that when she’s older.  Doc said she’s very strong and very healthy. We talked about sleep, food and baby-proofing the house, something we’ll have to think about getting done this weekend.  Ellie’s in the 50th percentile for head circumference, the 60th percentile for weight and the 85th percentile for height.  We also had a wonderful nurse do her shot and Ellie didn’t cry at all.  I couldn’t really understand the nurse that well, but she made funny faces and noises, which I think were distracting for little LuLu.

Our next big adventure: first plane ride on September 19 – we’re going to Maui! We’re all very excited, especially Ellie, who can’t wait to sport her adorable swim suits!


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