6 Weeks!

Our little munchkin is 6 weeks old as of yesterday and it’s just so hard to believe!  Six weeks marks a significant milestone for a couple of reasons.  Some of you know one of the reasons why, which I won’t get into, but the other one is that I can start being active again, which I’m very excited about!  I went to an introductory training appointment on Wednesday and it felt so good to be engaging my muscles again.  I already feel stronger and happier, side effects from the activity.

According to our sleep training book (which I love for it’s brevity, simplicity and flexibility), The Baby Sleep Solution, 6-8 weeks can sometimes be difficult if the baby develops colic, but she notes this is a more typical timeframe for multiples, so we’re crossing our fingers Ellie’s already experienced what little colic she has.  So far she’s been very much like a baby is supposed to be.  She’s eating every three hours and sometimes during the day she’ll go as long as four hours.  Brian has been taking the first nightly feeding this week, which has done wonders for my sleeping, allowing me to get four or sometimes even five hours of sleep straight!

Ellie and I had a big day yesterday, out and about.  We went to see Erich to get my hair cut and he surprised us with a drop dead gorgeous dress, shoes and headband from Baby Gap.  This girl is seriously going to be styling!  After our fun time at the salon we went to the Verizon store where I officially made the switch to an iPhone, so help me God.  Then we went to the bank to open an Early Saver Account for little Miss Ellie.  When dad got home we went for a weeknight wine walk around the neighborhood.

We took a video last weekend of Ellie and wanted to share; she’s been all smiles and is really starting to develop a personality as you can see here:

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