A Month Later – REALLY?!?!

We can’t believe that it was four weeks ago today that we had our little peanut. So many emotions and learnings have happened in such a short period of time and we’re just loving every single moment with our little angel. One of my favorite things is just watching her face, especially right after she eats and is falling asleep.

We’re on a relatively regular schedule of eating every two and a half to three hours and Ellie has been sleeping in her crib for the past three nights. We’re starting to get into a pretty good routine, but we’re being very cautious about getting excited because we’ve heard it’s right when that happens that stuff hits the fan. See how I did that, “stuff” instead of the real word? Becoming a parent also means censoring yourself, something easier said than done in some cases!

We’ve been getting out with the Ellie bean a lot more lately, which takes good planning and execution. Being a career woman for so much of my life, I must say, being a mom really is as tough as I’ve heard. It is non-stop and you can’t take a break or lunch when you want, but it is definitely incredibly more rewarding than any job I’ve ever had.

Brian reminded me that this is the first year I get to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom. He also sent me a link to the Run Like a Mother event, which I’m really excited for. Training will start in two weeks. I think 3-4 weeks is enough time to get ready for a 5k. Here’s the event: http://www.runlikeamotherrace.com/city/seattle-wa/

We also got signed up for our PEPS class, which starts in April. I’m very excited to learn more about being a parent and how other parents are doing things. It’s the little things I’m curious about, like what do people do for diaper rash and is there anything we need to know when transitioning our little one from the bassinet to the crib? We’re also wondering about tummy time and and what we should be doing to help Ellie’s development and when we should begin. So much to learn; luckily we’ve got lots of support and a fair amount of time. Thanks again to everyone for all your help and support! Here’s a little pic of one of Ellie’s faces as she’s falling asleep:

One thought on “A Month Later – REALLY?!?!

  1. Congratulations! Ellie is amazing. : )
    You are doing such a great job… she is a very lucky girl.
    Hope you are doing well. I wish you and your family all the best.


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