About a Week to Go

We’re a little less than a week from our due date now and getting very excited to meet our little chica. I’ve been focusing on relaxation and doing all the right things to get my body ready to deliver this babe.

I’ve done reiki twice in the last month, which has been a very interesting experience. I’ve been feeling really great for the past month and I think this might have something to do with it. I also have gone to acupuncture twice and have gotten my prenatal massages. I know this sounds like I’m very spoiled and I know I do have it good, but I really do recommend this for all you pregnant gals out there! And my recommendation is to keep your eyes out for some good LivingSocial or Gilt Local deals so you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to pamper yourself at the end of your pregnancy.

The other things our midwife recommended are primrose oil caps and raspberry red leaf tea. I have yet to purchase the latter, but am hoping to do so this weekend.

Last Sunday I realized all of a sudden that Ellie had dropped. Monday we went to our appointment and I was measuring SMALLER than before; my belly went from 40 cm to 38.5, so now I’m right on track again! I’ve been trying to be a bit more active, doing a half an hour or so on the elliptical while watching Today Show clips about Whitney Houston (ok, that was just yesterday) and going for walks when the weather cooperates.

I’ve got three more days of work left, assuming she doesn’t come early and those days are really packed with meetings. I’m going to miss seeing my coworkers everyday, but probably not as much as I’m going to love every minute of being with Ellie and Brian!

A few weeks ago we also had another baby celebration with the Eastside Crew, so I wanted to post a pic from that very fun evening. Thanks to everyone for throwing such a wonderful get together!

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