Friend Baby Shower

Last weekend Jen and Kelsey threw Ellie and I a baby shower. It was so great to see everyone together – I always wish there were more occasions to do things like that, so I think in the future I will come up with some creative ones. Ellie got some great new stuff for her nursery, including some adorable clothes, bottles, blankets, diaper creams, swaddle blankets, teething toys and a changing pad and cover. She also got a very cool bathtub and a plaster cast system for her little paws and tootsies. Another great gift was a classic piggy bank, so we can begin teaching her financial responsibility from day one! Brian and I did some yoga this week and another workout video for pregnancy. Ellie is now the size of a honeydew melon and an interesting and slightly gross factoid is that she is now urinating a pint per day – don’t get too repulsed, you too did this at one time.

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