What a crazy week!

This last week has been both fun and exciting and gruesome and painful at the same time. Since we had snowpocolypse last week, we rescheduled our Midwife appointment for last Monday. Everything was looking good until it came to measuring my belly. Nothing was dramatically wrong, but my belly is a little big for how far along I am, so I was referred to get an ultrasound. Thursday morning we went in to Swedish First Hill and got to take another look at our girl. Everything looked great, although she looked like she’s running out of room a bit. They said they would estimate her weight to be 6 lbs. 8 ounces right now and the average is 6 lbs. 2 ounces, so she’s in the 67th percentile. They also said the amount of amniotic fluid present is the right amount and that she’s positioned head down.
Then on Thursday my coworkers and I went to a baby shower lunch and there is going to be a pool for guessing my delivery date, time, and weight. It will be interesting to see who wins; I think even if I entered I would have a hard time guessing.
The really crazy part of the week was yesterday and started at about 2:30 in the morning. I woke up and was extremely sick. I must have eaten something terrible. I spent the entire day in bed or on the couch and had a hard time keeping anything down – not fun. While I was laying around, Brian was busy washing and folding Ellie’s clothes, bedding, bottles, silverware, etc. He also organized her nursery quite a bit and we feel nice and prepared now. I feel quite a bit better though this morning and am hoping to be able to eat some of BT’s banana pancake that’s coming my way soon.
I hope to get one of the ultrasound pics up soon, but we’re having scanner difficulties, so for now, here’s a belly growth one from Friday before last at 35 weeks.

Friend Baby Shower

Last weekend Jen and Kelsey threw Ellie and I a baby shower. It was so great to see everyone together – I always wish there were more occasions to do things like that, so I think in the future I will come up with some creative ones. Ellie got some great new stuff for her nursery, including some adorable clothes, bottles, blankets, diaper creams, swaddle blankets, teething toys and a changing pad and cover. She also got a very cool bathtub and a plaster cast system for her little paws and tootsies. Another great gift was a classic piggy bank, so we can begin teaching her financial responsibility from day one! Brian and I did some yoga this week and another workout video for pregnancy. Ellie is now the size of a honeydew melon and an interesting and slightly gross factoid is that she is now urinating a pint per day – don’t get too repulsed, you too did this at one time.