26 Weeks and Counting

It’s been a busy last few weeks! So much has been going on. First, we started our two birthing classes: 1. Birthing From Within, and 2. Hypnobirthing. They are both very interesting and we are learning so much about getting ready for the birthing process. The common theme is eliminating fear and focusing on relaxation during the process. We are reading a book, practicing our breathing methods and listening to CD’s. We also finally watched our Happiest Baby on the Block CD, which we think will be a great go-to resource once the baby is born.

Outside of classes, Ellie has been very active, kicking and moving around quite a bit. Mom’s health is good and nothing feels uncomfortable quite yet, although sleeping is a bit of a different experience and a bit of pregnancy brain has set in.

Peanut went to her first symphony this weekend and she really seemed to enjoy the melodies. She also went to an auction last weekend, the dog park several times, for walks quite a bit and we went and the Blue Nile Christmas Party. We also went down to Golden Gardens yesterday, where it was quite cold and took a couple quick pics to document the growth on a beautiful day. Here is one of them.

2 thoughts on “26 Weeks and Counting

  1. Lacie, you look absolutely beautiful & glowing. Pregnancy obviously agrees with you. I’m excited for you & look forward to all news & Ellie’s arrival.


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