Decor Galore

Prior to finding out the sex of our babe, we had already selected paint colors for either a boy or a girl and the BT masterminded pattern was to be the same.  A day or so after we got the news, off to Benjamin Moore we went.  Brian skillfully measured the stripes and marked them off on the wall.  We started with the light peach and then became very friendly with frog tape.  We applied the dusty rose-pink and let everything dry.  Brian came back later to tape off for the green accents and painted.  Everything looked good, but the green wasn’t quite perfect, so he took it back to BM and we made a slight modification.  One last application on the green stripes and we were good to go.  Brian also has an old dresser that he bought just after college.  He is in the process of refinishing it (a.k.a. spray painting it) and will be the perfect addition to Peanut’s room.  Although I was strongly against painting the dresser because of a bad puff paint experience I had with my great grandma’s antique furniture as a child, I must say this go at it is looking a lot better.

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