Nothing Between the Legs

We woke up bright and early this morning for our 7:30 am ultrasound appointment.  We waste no time – day 1 of 18 weeks and we’re in the office.  As Ellie, our ultrasound tech, warned us that sometimes it’s too early to see everything and we might need to come back, we prepared ourselves for that reality.  However, our little peanut was the perfect model.  Ellie started measuring the head, the heart, the legs, the arms, the spine; she even showed us the ventricles and the aorta within the heart.  We saw peanut’s lips and nostrils up close and personal and learned that baby’s tongues develop quite early in their growth process.  It was educational and fascinating. 

And the news of the day, Ellie could see very perfectly the sex and she announced to us that we’re having a girl!  Yay – so many fun girly things to buy!  No more talking about the different viewpoints on circumcision and no more boy list of names and boy color options for the nursery – full speed ahead girl!  Here’s a pic of our little girl peanut – enjoy:)

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