The Happiest Baby – Hopefully that’s ours

The BirdRock’s invited us to an event on Thursday where we listened to Dr. Harvey Karp talk about his 5 S’s technique, focused on calming babies. We wanted to go into the event with an open mind and weren’t sure if his techniques were going to be controversial or not. By the time we left event, we couldn’t think of any reason why not to try the technique. It appears to be pure magic and exactly what the baby needs. Seeing it visually is always the best, so check out the attached video from YouTube, where the father implements a few of the 5 S’s:  For further reference, the 5 S’s are listed below. One more tip for all the mom’s out there, JOIN AMAZON MOM. You get three months of Prime for free and then once you start making purchases, it adds time to your free account. So, once we got home, we promptly ordered Dr. Karp’s DVD on Amazon with our free Prime Account. Here are the five S’s – for further information we recommend YouTube, the DVD or his book:
Swaddle – wrapping the baby
Side – Lay the baby on it’s side
Sway – Gently rock the baby back and forth
Shush – Say “Shhh” loudly

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