Dad thinks it’s a Girl

Brian is now convinced we’re having a girl after looking at the Chinese Calendar:

Some people say this chart is 90% accurate, but I have my doubts.  I’d love to test it out:

1. If you have kids, can you check and see if this chart was right? or

2. If you know when your parents conceived (ew?), check and see if it was accurate for you. 

We’d love to hear the results!

Also, anyone have any other tips on pre-determining the sex?

5 thoughts on “Dad thinks it’s a Girl

  1. It was wrong for both of my children! According to the chart, I should have two daughters, instead I have two amazing little boys!


  2. With my Chinese age in mind it was correct for my son, looking back it was also correct for me, my husband and his sister. I don’t really believe in it, though.


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