My Second Favorite Sleeping Buddy

I spent my first night with my new second favorite sleeping buddy ever!  It’s the snoogle and it is fantastic!  I’m so excited my friend Jess recommended it and I can’t wait to sleep with it every night from here on out.  If you’re pregnant too, it’s a must have.  I ordered mine on Amazon – they also have a variety of cool pillow cases.

Dad thinks it’s a Girl

Brian is now convinced we’re having a girl after looking at the Chinese Calendar:

Some people say this chart is 90% accurate, but I have my doubts.  I’d love to test it out:

1. If you have kids, can you check and see if this chart was right? or

2. If you know when your parents conceived (ew?), check and see if it was accurate for you. 

We’d love to hear the results!

Also, anyone have any other tips on pre-determining the sex?

Peanut’s Delivery

We have been doing a lot of research lately and have decided on a midwife! Her name is Erin Curtiss and she has been delivering babies for over eight years. We really appreciate her honesty and professionalism. Erin is a board member of the Midwives’ Association of Washington State. She feels her job is to risk us out of homebirth, so we feel confident she has the same goals in mind as us. Here are her reviews on Yelp: and more on her website: