We need tips

Not the money kind though. We’re a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities when it comes to books, cribs, strollers -we’ve even heard there’s a certain kind of socks to get! If you have a baby product that’s to die for, please tell us!

8 thoughts on “We need tips

  1. When it comes to strollers, go no further… I am have tested, used, heard stories…and know best. It comes down to two different strollers for you to choose from, and if your like us, you will get both. First, is The Bugaboo Cameleon which is by far the best investment we have ever made in the life of our kids. It has lasted through all three, incredibly versatile, multi functional, easy to clean, maintain and collapse. Plus, travels very well!
    The second, the BOB Revolution (single or double). This is the greatest, most durable jogging stroller. It does collapse well, can be a little heavy however very easy to maneuver through stores, malls, parking lots… It has all the accessories you would ever need for car seats, nets, fitness kits… DO NOT get a Phil & Ted’s, Graco, Britax, Mclaren, or any other celebrity stroller.

    Have any questions, let me know we are happy to help! Oh, also do not purchase a gender colored stroller, if your having a girl do not buy a pink stroller. Keep them gender neutral so you can continue to use them for the next babies!

    So excited for you kids!


  2. Get ready for the information flow. Hope your editorial skills are good. We will send what we think is useful…but in the meantime…CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  3. I agree the BOB Revolution stroller is a must. I also think a swing that can swing front/back or side/side is key . . . Kallie only liked side to side. We also used HALO sleepsacks every night and still do. Swaddling worked like a charm for us but I guess it depends on your little one and what they like. I will keep thinking and send additional ideas your way!


  4. I have to agree with Chad. When we were pregnant with Taylor we did all of the research from friends and referrals, to consumer reports, we did it. The Bugaboo continues to remain my ALL TIME favorite stroller. And I have to agree, it really is the only one I would get, even if I had to do it again. Here’s why:

    -Functionality. Check.
    One of the best things about the Bugaboo is that it can be manuevered with one hand. You can do a complete 360 with one hand-LOVE THAT!
    The first few months peanut will most like hang out in his/her car seat. With this stroller, you would purchase either a Peg Perego or Graco (I would go this route and tell you why in a sec) car seat; infant carrier style. The Bugaboo is used primarily as a snap-n-go base, having only your carseat and the storage bag. No heavy lugging of a stroller with all the bells and whistles when you ONLY need something to push a carseat around.
    Second, most strollers (for when you are not using the carseat) are not made for infants under 6 months. This is because they do not fully recline, which is the preferred position for infants under 6 months as they are developing their spine and core strength. With the Bugaboo, you have two options: Either utilize the seat feature and recline to a fully flat position OR use the basinet attachment; think old fashioned pram style (my fav).
    Finally, since it has shocks and thick tread tires, you could use it as a running/trail stroller easily. I used it for Stroller Strides and it handled perfectly. This also means you don’t have to invest in a jogging stroller off the bat.

    -Durability. Check.
    Even with baby three, I did my research to see if there was something else on the market we should have…BUT, this piece of equipement is built so well that it has lasted through 6 years of infant through toddler abuse.

    -Cleanability. Check.
    We purchased a black version, so obviously it holds up well. HOwever, to clean is a breeze and virtually everything is machine washable.

    -Included Accessories. Check.
    Mesh canopy and Rainfly. Both included. I think we used the Mesh canopy in Hawaii and NY because of the bugs, but that’s it. The Rainfly has seen its share of use and is great. There is a footmuff you can purchase for cold climates, but we opted for the JJ Cole version (another must have item for both carseat and stroller; the attached blanket with zipper…you have seen it with our kids).

    Drawbacks, sure there are some. It is expensive. By far the biggest drawback, but I look at my neighboor who purchased 1-2 strollers per each of her three kids, I still have her beat…plus, I will be able to sell mine close to market value because it is still perfect. 2nd drawback, it requires two hands to fold it. Honestly, not that big of a deal, because it is not like you will do this with the baby in your arms anyway.

    It has several additional pieces you can purchase such as a transport bag (we have it, have only use it on our long trips like Italy and Hawaii, to protect our investment).

    BOB Stroller. A second favorite piece, but not something I would purchase if you purchased the Bugaboo as your day-to-day, since you only have one on the way and it can hold its own as a runner/jogger stroller. I love our double BOB, but I could not see using this as my everyday stroller-it is HEAVY. Way too heavy for every day use. That being said, if you get a Bugaboo first, this would be my purchase for baby number two, hands down. It can hold both the carseat on one side, growing peanut number 1 on the other.

    Swing. You’ll probably want a swing. It just makes for a nice place to put peanut when you need to get stuff done, or a great place for them to nap where they can learn to sleep amongst the noise. We have gone through three, Jack killed the motor on the first two. For Addie we have the Graco Sweetpeace. LOVE this swing. It has a basket much like that of a carseat (with its own vibrating feature) that can be removed and taken from room to room. Outside of the standard swing features/music, it has a hook up for your ipod or iphone so you don’t have to listen to the annoying repetitive music it plays. Ok, BEST feature of this swing…wait for it…IF you purchase a Graco carseat, you can literally take it out of the car and click it directly into the swing base, which means no waking baby! HOLLA! 😉

    I know that most people run out and buy a breast pump, but I wouldn’t until you know that you’ll be able to nurse and actually need it. For baby furniture, keep it simple, but don’t make the mistake we did and get a ‘changing table’. It is a waste of money. A wide format dresser with a removeable changing table top is much more versatile. Cribs, we bought Tay/Jacks through PB Kids, but Addie’s is through BRS and is built way better for the same price.

    I have to find the Jenny McCarthy book I have on being pregnant. It is hyllarious! Oh, so excited for you both!!! xoxo


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