We need tips

Not the money kind though. We’re a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities when it comes to books, cribs, strollers -we’ve even heard there’s a certain kind of socks to get! If you have a baby product that’s to die for, please tell us!

How Peanut’s Mom Feels

I don’t have an overwhelming desire to share with everyone how I’ve been feeling, but since it seems to be a popular question in the first trimester, we thought it would be a good idea to write a short piece on it.  Here are some possible side effects according to “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

Fatigue, Lack of Energy, Sleepiness: Check.  The thought of lifting a finger to type sometimes seems like an overwhelming obstacle.  Not really, but it does seem like a real rarity to muster up the energy to go walk around the lake – forget jogging.

Nausea/Morning Sickness: Moderate.  No vomiting yet.  This is nice.  We’re at week 8 now and I feel fortunate I haven’t had to go through some of the horror stories I’ve heard.  I have been a bit nauseous here and there, but nothing worth complaining about.

Increased sensitivity to smells: Oh yes, check.  This is terrible sometimes, but also fantastic others.

Other than that, I feel a bit bloated, but nothing really too crazy.  All in all, everything seems relatively comfortable so far and I’m very grateful for a husband who’s been picking up the slack around the house while I haven’t really felt like doing much.

Peanut’s Got a Heart

The Ultrasound Image

Brian’s first visit to the lady doctor’s office was quite interesting this morning.  We arrived for our first ultrasound and I have to say I was a little nervous, but it was nice to see I wasn’t the only one.  We had both been waiting for this moment for what seemed like eternity.  Literally, the week took forever.  

The reality of what was to take place over the next eight months was painted so clearly in Brian’s eyes when the doctor showed us the heart beat on the screen.  The excitement in the room was overwhelming.  Our little peanut’s heart was working hard at 118 bpm…no wonder I’ve been so tired!

The Mission

There’s an old saying, “If you fail, try, try, try again.”  However, what we came to discover is that if you succeed, you’re pregnant…on your first try…wow, that was quick.

The test says it’s 68% accurate up to 6 days ahead of time.  I guess in this case, we were in the 32% because the test said negative.  Not being the types to take no for an answer, we wanted to run it once again five days later.  Low and behold, two lines appeared – two days before father’s day.  Happy Father’s Day to BT!

I can’t believe BT took a picture of this!